The Science Behind the Brand

Final Finish Chemistry is an exclusive package of activators, base coat paints and clear coats engineered specifically to compliment the Final Finish® process. Our base coat paints offer enhanced spray application, built-in primers, higher solid content, finer ground solids and reduced drying times for a superior product.


Final-Finish-FF-grayThe Benefits of Final Finish® — From Basic To Bold

You may know the process by such name as camo dipping, decorative transferring or water transfer printing. They’re all synonyms for the amazing technology of hydrographics.

  • Visual appeal equals increases sales.
  • The design possibilities are endless. Think firearms, and automotive, motorcycle and ATV parts, helmets and hard hats, golf clubs and tennis rackets. Just about anything made of plastic, glass, metal or wood can withstand the hydro-printing process.
  • Low investment in technology for such a high return
  • Applicable to virtually any rigid or contoured surface
  • Final Finish® patterns can withstand more than 3,120 hours of sun exposure, which means the decorated item maintains realistic color and high-definition.

A highly engineered chemical activator is used with our patented activation system. This acts as a dissolvent, which allows the pattern to float on water for a flawless transfer of inks to the dipped product. Final Finish® Chemistry offers a complete line of clear-coat finishes for your favorite look, including matte, low gloss, high gloss, and a soft feel for an exceptional high-end finish. Recognized globally for its ultraviolet protection, color stability and the highest industry standards, Our Final Finish® Chemistry provides the most extraordinary product enhancement available worldwide.