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A leader in hydrographics, high-definition imaging and worldwide technical support

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Unlimited Possibilities

Our 3D printing process allows you to completely customize almost anything. If it can be painted, it can be dipped, from car parts, firearms, furniture, and phone accessories to something as ordinary as a light switch. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Make a Statement

Manufacturers and suppliers of guns, automobiles and motorcycles are a few of the businesses that use water transfer printing. Nikon, Cabela’s, Chrysler, Timex and Yamaha are just a few to use Final Finish® technology to boost sales. Shouldn’t you?

Quality That Lasts

Final Finish® is incredibly durable and lasts longer than paint. Whether you need UV resistance, scratch resistance, or flame resistance, our partners have the right products for you. Master decorators help determine which products are best suited for you.

Customized Solutions

Our  team is in the business of putting innovations to work for you and your bottom line. We provide value-added solutions with a skilled team of design, technical and customer support staff to assist every step of the way.


Immersion Graphics is the only source for Final Finish® processing, providing high-definition imaging and worldwide technical support. To learn more about how hydrographics can benefit your business, please contact us using the form below.


The Immersion Graphics Team

  • Lamie Haga
    General Manager
  • Robert Walker
    Pattern Development
  • Scott Danford
    National Sales Manager
  • Jennie Shelhorse
  • Ronnie Giles
    Shop Lead
  • Wesley Dougherty
    Shipping & Receiving

Final Finish® Processors

When your product demands the ultimate eye appeal, Final Finish® can boost your bottom line.
View our international list of Final Finish® approved processors to find one near you.

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