The World Leader in Hydrographic Printing

Every manufacturer wants his product to stand out. Otherwise, it’s passed over, collects dust, and dies slowly on store shelves.

Take your products from basic to bold with Immersion Graphics, the leader in hydrographic printing, a dipping process known as Final Finish®. You’ve seen our designs on dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, cell phones and hundreds of outdoor products.

Manufacturers and suppliers of guns, automobiles and motorcycles are a few of the businesses that use water transfer printing — an economical decorative process — to give their products eye appeal, a necessary design element in an abundant market of endless supply. We specialize in hydrographics, decorative transferring and camouflage dipping, terms synonymous with a state-of-the art custom service that adds visual interest to most any product. Customers refer to it as the “cool factor.” Manufacturers see it as way to boost sales.

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Final Finish® allows Immersion Graphics to print the latest, most popular patterns including carbon fibers, and Realtree® and Advantage® camouflage lines on most surfaces. We also carry wood grains, burl woods, stones, marbles, metals and other abstract hydro-graphics.

Why Immersion Graphics?

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Immerse Yourself camo dip decorative transfer

Final Finish® patterns withstand 3,120 hours of sun expossure. Immersion turns its focus toward developing the highest UV-resistant films in the industry.

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